LA Book Fair gets easier to handle with tickets

It’s this weekend, all of you living in Los Angeles – the Book Festival.

The first time I went to the LA Book Fair I was shocked to learn that there were that many readers in LA, never mind that many people excited enough about books to attend a book fair.  It’s a crazy-crowded event every year, but much easier to get to now that it has moved to USC and now that USC has metro transit right to it’s many gates.

To make it even easier, you can check out all the talks and panel discussions being held, and order tickets for just one-dollar each.  Meet some of your favorite authors or consider some of your favorite topics.  I’ve signed up for something about portraying American Identity (as a Canadian writing in the US this is something I should at least consider!), a panel on journalistic ethics, another on legalizing marijuana, and more.  These tickets give me a chance to find a place to sit down as a rest stop, having strolled through acres of books.


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