You’re Beautiful

YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL video interview with the actors

You’re Beautiful! trailer

You’re Beautiful (directed by Lolade Leigh-Thompson, 2012)

Canadian producer/director Lolade Leigh-Thompson and her amazing cast appeared before an enthusiastic audience at the Pan-African film festival in Los Angeles (Feb, 2012) and wowed everyone with their poise and pleasure in this work.

The message is simple – self-esteem for kids is sometimes hard-won.  Overcoming some disfigurement, standing up to bullying, and being loyal to friends might trump what else might be on the middle-school curriculum.  You simply can’t learn much if you feel badly about yourself, or what you did or didn’t do for a friend, until you learn to love yourself and others.  It can’t be said too often, kids:  “You’re beautiful.”

The director, Lolade Leigh-Thompson, sets a fine example for the cast and young audience, bringing out this work.

Enjoy the film, and an interview of the cast on YouTube:

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