To start a new one or complete an unfinished novel? That is the question

Here’s a snapshot of this writer’s process.  I can’t decide.

The pleasure of a blank page seems enticing, though it’s not completely the case that the page is blank.  There are several hundred pages of materials I’ve been collecting to incorporate into this story:  Let’s Keep in Touch.  It’s a correspondence between two women over thirty years when correspondence comes to mean emails, then texts and tweets, then a surprising face-to-face encounter.  I’m revisiting some of the themes here I played with in No Words for Love and Famine, and with all those notes and snippets of text I’ve already written it seems more a matter of cutting and pasting than writing.  And…

Hollywood Fables is so close to being complete.  It is a novel I set aside because of a fluke accident in real life.  While the novel is completely fictional, something occurred in real life that I’d already written, something that is pivotal to the plot.  I hate it when that happens.  It was so creepy I put the manuscript aside.  It’s time I complete this novel.  But…

Maybe I can write the new one in the morning and work on revisions of the other in the afternoon.  But…

Maybe I should run away from home, climb onto a fishing boat and head for the artic.

I love the actual process of writing; it’s just that getting started is sometimes difficult.  Similar to meditation, there’s a weight to the solitude one has to lift in order to begin.  Weight training.  That’s what is required here.

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