Sexual Mercy available NOW

Sexual Mercy is out, the novel I wrote with award-winning Canadian Writer, Paul Savoie.  Available at

Sexual Mercy by Roberta Morris and Paul Savoie
Heidi, a phone sex operator, with her housekeeper housemate Dom, struggle to make ends meet in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, recently designated by Forbes as “America’s Best Hipster Neighborhood” The two women discover a winning formula when they combine their talents to create a dominatrix housekeeping service. As their client list grows a young suspicious housewife, Katy, phones the service expecting to confront her husband’s lover. Instead she sees opportunity for herself, as way out or possibly a way to save her marriage. Sexual Mercy is a story about transgressing boundaries in order to make sense of our lives.
The authors’ photo is by Tim Bourgette who just welcomed his second son, Arlo Joseph, into the world this week.  The cover is designed with beautiful art,  “Arched Through Blue Sky” by Susan N Stewart.


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