Vigil by Robera Morris

 Still available in hardcover and as quality paperback

Soon available as an Ebook

 “Vigil is the disturbing and timely story of the isolated survivors on Kaane, a fictional Hawaiian island where myth and history converge. The islanders are awaiting the imminent birth of Jan Ito’s baby, the first-born of the new time.  A speculative fiction, it is in the tradition of anti-war writer Bertold Brecht, who concluded Mother Courage with the prophesy: “Wherever life has not died out, it staggers to its feet again.”  With power and insight, Morris shows how the human spirit will continue to find meaning under even the most frightening conditions.”  Williams-Wallace

Prior to its release as a novel, Factory Theater in Toronto Canada commissioned the author to adapt Vigil to the stage.  It was presented there and later at The Met  in Los Angeles, and is available as a stage play through the Association of Los Angeles Playwrights.  For a copy or for performance rights please contact the author or leave a message for her here.

“This stark tale of the destruction of a way of life… is haunting and deeply disturbing.  Her nightmarish vision projects an unforgettable spectacle…”
— Joan McGrath,
Toronto Star




“Morris’s gift for examining major issues of belief and behavior make a provocative and timely tale.”
— Nancy Wigston,
Globe & Mail

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