New Novel sent off as an attachment – how weird is that?

Okay, it’s gone to press.  The manuscript for Suicidal Maniacs and the Lady of Shalott I sent off yesterday as a file attachment – after years of work on that novel.

I remember submitting No Words for Love and Famine to my publisher on a disk, thinking that might be the height of alienated labor; all the work that goes into writing a novel comes down to rearranged bits and bytes on a small disk.  But no, that wasn’t anywhere near as alienating as this experience yesterday.  This novel isn’t even submitted in “the body of the text”, “the body” being a metaphor that’s stretched a bit too far when you are referring to email.  And the novel isn’t even part of the body; it’s simply an attachment.

So here again I need to practice the principle of non-attachment.  Everything passes and all we do is love and labor as best we can.  “Attachment” then is in fact an excellent metaphor, because as an author I become way too attached to my little project and have to simply let it go.  It’s done.   Send it off.  Press “enter”.


SUICIDAL MANIACS AND THE LADY OF SHALOTT will be released November 17, 2012. 

Contact the author at to arrange a reading or interview.

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