If you happen to be in Washington DC….

If you are lucky enough to be in Washington with time enough to check this out, I’m jealous.  Artomatic is an amazing idea, demonstrating the use of urban spaces that can be filled with art – like a giant pop-up gallery — while practicing the Buddhist principle of impermanence.

My web designer-guru-friend Lisa Helene is working with them, offering these workshops.  Check it out: http://www.artomatic.org

I would trust her with anything career-wise (also probably health-wise and sh might make a great spiritual director) and she’s a wonderful writer in her own right/rite/write.  So you might want to check out her site while you’re at it.  http://www.lisahelene.com/

What I’ve learned from her?  Social networking doesn’t have to hurt.  Online you don’t even have to dress for it.

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